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A fixed speed pump always works at its maximum power.

With a varistor or variable speed pump, we can adjust the speed of the pump to the actual circulation needs of the pool water. We can reduce the engine speed if necessary, lower the water level, when the filter is in place and only use the maximum speed when we have reduced the filter's rent. Therefore, the total practice of pump operation will not work at maximum speed and will therefore allow many advantages to be obtained:

Estalvi energetic
Estalvi economic

Energy saving. The pump, operating at lower speeds, consumes much less energy. The reduction in consumption is exponential.

Economic savings. By consuming less energy, this translates into much less consumption. Savings of around 80% can be achieved.

Qualitat de l'aigua

Better water quality. By circulating the water at a lower speed, better filtration results are obtained. The water passes through the filter at a slower speed. Better water circulation better distributes the chemicals used in the pool.

Durabilidad del equipament

Greater durability of the equipment. By operating the pump at lower speeds, wear and stress on all components of the filtration equipment is reduced. Longer pump life and reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Funcionament silencios

Silent operation. By reducing the speed, we considerably reduce the noise of the pump

We carry out a personalized study of the consumption of your pool pump and the savings you can achieve with a variable speed pump or variator

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