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The maintenance of water in public and private swimming pools by means of saline electrolysis has become popular in recent years. However, along with its popularization, doubts have begun to arise about its operation and its advantages. Here, we answer the main questions that exist about salt chlorination:


Is salt chlorination a more natural cleaning process?


Because swimming pool water is free of bacteria and microorganisms, the traditional cleaning method is the use of chemicals such as chlorine. Now, the pool water maintenance process is carried out through electrolysis, which uses natural chlorine that is present in common salt (Chlorine + Sodium). This cleaning process is more natural because there is no need to add other chemicals.


Is a sustainable pool water maintenance system?


The water maintenance system through electrolysis is a more sustainable process in relation to traditional methods, because the salt that is added to the water is continuously reused. In addition, the salt chlorinators that we have chosen are created in such a way that the energy consumption is lower.


Can it be used in all types of pools?


The saline chlorination equipment is suitable for any type of pool, be it tile, polyester, or liner.


Is salt chlorination safe for pool users?


Since chemicals such as chlorine are not used to maintain pool water, effects such as skin and eye irritation are avoided altogether. In addition, by using salt to carry out this process, strong and unpleasant chlorine odours disappear.


Is the pool water salty like the sea?


The salt chlorination process is carried out with low concentrations of salt; for this reason, the sensation of bathing in salt water becomes imperceptible. Water has a concentration of salt similar to a tear.


Is it a system that deteriorates the facilities and their surroundings?


As we have commented previously, the concentration of salt in the water is very low (5-6 g in m3 of water) so that the pool facilities are not affected as well as the vegetation that may exist in their surroundings.


Is the equipment difficult to install?


The installation process of the salt chlorination equipment is simple. To do this, you just have to place the chlorinator in the return pipe of the pool, with a bypass. In this way, the water will pass through the cell and the electrolysis process will begin. In addition, to install the equipment, it will not be necessary to carry out any type of works in the pool. At Serviempordà, we have been working in the world of swimming pools for more than 20 years, and we can solve any doubt about the installation of our equipment.


No need to carry out a maintenance follow-up?


Although, saline chlorination is a water cleaning process that is always in operation and therefore does not require constant maintenance. It is important to bear in mind that there are elements of electrolysis that have to be controlled with a certain frequency. The pH levels in the water and the cleanliness of the chlorinator cell are key elements for the electrolysis process to be carried out correctly.


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