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For some time now, we have been facing a significant water deficit in our area, leading to substantial water restrictions since 2023 to conserve the limited water available. The use of sprinkler systems for watering is prohibited, and only drip irrigation systems are allowed for plants and trees to ensure their survival. Understanding this situation, we want to share some tips for surviving the current drought and achieving sustainable, enjoyable, and visually appealing gardens.


Planting Drought-Tolerant Vegetation


Gespa artificial.

Ornamental lawns, to remain in optimal condition, require a high water consumption. Therefore, it is advisable to replace them with more resilient species that better withstand heat and require less water.

In smaller spaces, an ideal solution is the installation of artificial grass. Currently, there are options that closely resemble natural grass.

Additionally, it is important to choose native species of plants and trees, as they are adapted to our climate and do not require large amounts of water to thrive.


Adapting Traditional Irrigation to Drip Systems


Reg de degoteig

It is mandatory to adjust our irrigation system to the current situation of drought and water scarcity.

All areas that do not require sprinkler irrigation, such as the lawn, should be converted to drip irrigation systems. This way, we will avoid water wastage, and each plant will receive the necessary amount for its survival.

This adaptation allows us to comply with water consumption restrictions, ensuring the survival of our plants at the same time.


Covering the flowerbeds


Cobrir parterres

It is crucial to install anti-weed mesh in the flowerbeds and cover them with bark or other aggregates. This method helps retain moisture in the soil, prevents evaporation, and, as a result, significantly reduces the amount of water needed for our plants.

Serviempordà helps you transform your garden, adapting it to the current and future conditions of water scarcity.

We specialize in creating sustainable spaces with highly efficient irrigation systems, ensuring minimal water consumption.


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