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Palm trees have become a symbol of vacation and relaxation in our culture, which takes us to distant tropical paradises. This has made its planting more and more frequent in all our garden spaces. By importing palm trees from other countries, especially from Asia, an insect called the palm weevil (hynchophorusferrugineusOlivier) entered, causing very significant damage to different species of palm trees, until their death, as we have seen throughout our history. geography. The most affected species are the canary palm and the date palm.

The most important thing is the prevention or detection in its initial phase of this parasite. Since once inserted inside the palm tree, it can be inside without any external appearance, until the fall of the leaves and the subsequent death are not seen. Through endotherapy treatment, it is possible to reach the sap of the palm and prevent the introduction or spread of the weevil. This is the process to perform. A hole is made in the palm tree with a drill bit.

A cannula is inserted inside, then sealed.

Once we have the cannula introduced, we can supply insecticide in the palm inside, in this way the fungicide is more effective and ecological, as it does not affect people or animals by avoiding the spraying of other methods. This system is effective and economical. If you have palm trees and you are interested in protecting them, do not hesitate to contact Serviempordà and we will inform you without any commitment.


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