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Salt chlorination consists of the generation of chlorine from common (food) salt that has dissolved in water. This disinfection method arrived in Spain around 1990 and since then it has evolved to become the most demand system to disinfecting a pool quickly and efficiently.

We are constantly searching for salt chlorinators to be able to offer the best solution to our customers. This way, they will be able to enjoy a pool with clean water without the use of chemicals.

The salt chlorination system is one of the healthiest options for disinfecting water in public and private swimming pools. For its installation it is important to have the advice and help of a professional who will be able to advise what type of chlorinator is needed for each pool. In addition, possible installation problems can be avoided and thus ensure effective water disinfection.

Estalvi productes quimics
Aigua més natural

Chemical savings

Less maintenance work

More natural and silky water

Aigua no agresiva pell

Water not aggressive to the skin

Estalvi d'aigua

Less water consumption. Fewer filter washes


More ecological. Does not generate isocyanuric acid

If you want to make the switch to salt chlorination, improve the efficiency of your equipment or simply replace the cell.

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Free inspection visit of the main elements of the pool:

  • Complete water analysis

  • Filtration equipment (filter and pump)

  • Lighting

*Only Baix Empordà - Consult for other locations

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