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We take care of everything, your only concern is enjoying the pool

Control aigua

Pool maintenance is not just about looking at the chlorine and pH value and cleaning the bottom. There are many parameters that must be controlled to have a pleasant bathroom and in the best hygienic and healthy conditions.


Fem el manteniment periòdic de piscines comunitàries, hotels, ressorts i clubs esportius.​

Recuperació d'aigues

Recuperem tota mena d'aigües, verdes, grogues..., inclús, dels de pou, un cop realitzades les pertinents analítiques de control. Servei de laboratori propi.​

Neteja amb robots

We clean the inside of a pool with professional robots, improving cleaning and at the same time reducing water consumption, since we do not dirty the filter with suction and we save an additional wash.

Not all pools are the same, there are not the same number of bathers, they do not have the same water properties or the same environment

We take care of everything, we solve any problem you may have, whether it be filtration, pumps, motors, leaks...

Request a personalized quote and enjoy your pool


Free inspection visit of the main elements of the pool:

  • Complete water analysis

  • Filtration equipment (filter and pump)

  • Lighting

* Only Baix Empordà - Consult for other locations

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